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Why Choose LED Poultry Lighting Rather Than Incandescent Lamps in Poultry Farms?

July 13, 2023

Any poultry farm must have adequate illumination. Since LED lighting has a better favourable effect on poultry, it has recently emerged as a potential substitute for incandescent lighting. The advantages of LED poultry illumination are already widely known among poultry growers. However, further explanation is required as to why LED lights are preferable to incandescent lighting for laying hens.


Reasons to Choose LED Poultry Lighting Instead of Incandescent Lamps:

Modern lighting is essential for raising poultry. The desire for cost-effective farming to provide greater results cannot be met by conventional technology like incandescent lighting. In comparison to incandescent lamps, LED lighting for hens is more energy-efficient, lasts longer, and offers many advantages to poultry. Because of this, LED lighting for poultry has become very common.


1. Reduce energy use and costs
LED lighting for laying hens is more energy-efficient than incandescent lighting. For the same brightness level, they typically use at least 5 times less energy than incandescent bulbs. This indicates that farmers should expect to experience a large savings in energy costs by converting to LED poultry lighting on the farm.



2. Significant Advantages for Poultry
When compared to incandescent lighting, LED lighting has a number of significant advantages for poultry. For instance, because LED lighting is flicker-free, it aids in the calmness of the chickens. Additionally, LED poultry lighting gives farmers the option to select the ideal light colour for their flock's behaviour. Not to mention, compared to incandescent lighting, LED poultry lighting enhances chicken performance. Additionally, it improves mood, feed conversion, and total production.


3. Controllable

By altering the colour, intensity, duration, and other characteristics of the light, LED lights for laying hens give farmers greater control over important factors that influence the behaviour and performance of poultry. A farmer can benefit from automatic scheduling for hassle-free light optimisation in poultry farms by using LED lighting with programmable dimmers.


4. Lower the overall operating costs

In addition to being environmentally friendly, LED poultry lighting is also incredibly economical over time. LED lights for laying hens are an affordable alternative to incandescent lamps because of their improved omnidirectional reach and even distribution. Not to mention that the cost of operation will be lower. Additionally, LED poultry lighting may be automatically adjusted while in use to deliver the level of light requested by the birds in order to enhance their performance and welfare, thus lowering operating costs.

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