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What is the significance of emergency lighting?

September 20, 2023

Whether you're entering an office, retail store, theatre, restaurant, or any other business location, you've probably noticed the highly visible and evident emergency lighting systems installed around the building's exits. According to British Standard 5266-1, you must install emergency lighting in your premises. This mandates that all hospitals, schools, workplaces, retail establishments, and multi-story structures construct and maintain a minimum standard of emergency lighting systems.


Despite the apparent safety benefits of emergency lights, there was a time when such systems did not exist, and the probability of fire-related incidents in public and private buildings was substantially higher. This begs the question of why emergency lights is so vital.


It keeps us safe

The obvious response is that it keeps us safe. When the electricity goes out in your building, how will the people get around safely? Your building's emergency lighting will be operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the requirement for your primary power supply. Not only would emergency lighting illuminate exits in the event of an emergency, but it will also prioritize popular areas of the building used on the way to an exit. Exit emergency lights can also be used to guide occupants in the event of an emergency. Even if lighting is still present, an exit light will help direct passengers to safety.



It saves your company money

If your office, work floor, or shop experiences an unexpected power outage, emergency lighting can assist you and your staff in returning to work in an orderly manner while the source of your power is restored. You may limit downtime at work and effectively save money on potential non-productivity during work hours by doing so.



It’s compliant

It's not really an option to have emergency illumination. It must comply with current British Standards for worker health and safety. We recommend that you install a system that complies with requirements as soon as possible unless you want government agents knocking on your door with a clipboard.


What kinds of emergency lights are available?

How well do you understand the many types of emergency lighting devices available? While they all serve the same purpose, individual units perform different functions.

1. Maintained

This item functions similarly to a standard light, but when the main power goes, it will switch to a battery-powered output and continue to operate until the main power is restored.


2. Non-Maintained

When the main lighting system fails due to a power outage, this unit will only switch on. This item is only powered by the mains supply for charging.


3. Integrated emergency lights

The combined units have two distinct lights in them. On a daily basis, one of those lights is powered by the regular power source, while the emergency light within the unit is supplied by the backup energy supply. Depending on the conditions, this system can be'maintained' or 'non-maintained'.

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