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What Dimmer Switch Do I Need For LED Lights?

August 11, 2023

There are several important factors to consider when selecting a dimmer control for LED lights. Because LED lights are more fragile than traditional light bulbs, they require a controller to operate.


As previously said, driver tools govern the electrical currents that are transferred from the mains energy source into the light emitting diode. This mechanism produces detectable light. Different types of LED dimmer switches may be used depending on the controllers in the bulbs.


A constant current reduction (CCR) dimmer, on the other hand, which reduces the amount of current traveling through the light, can work with a constant current controller. CCR LED dimmers outperform PWM dimmers in some cases because they do not cause lamp light to fluctuate. Illuminating areas where equipment is handled or high-risk activity happens are two examples of such applications.


It's critical to remember that some PWM dimmers produce electromagnetic interference. This feature can be highly bothersome in various situations. In more severe cases, electromagnetic radiation has the potential to cause major system malfunctions in electrical products.


If you're using LED lights, installing trailing edge dimmers over leading edge dimmers is certainly the best option. PWM dimmers, on the other hand, have advantages. These dimmers are simple to use and may reduce the brightness of an LED bulb without changing the color tone of the light.


Most LED light bulbs are compatible with trailing edge dimmers and controllers. Because of a variety of properties, these switches are ideal. One of these characteristics is their digital makeup and similar power levels.


Although conventional light bulbs can be used with trailing edge dimmers on occasion, LED light bulbs are far more suitable. A much narrower power range is required for trailing edge dimmers. This implies that a low voltage trailing edge switch is ideal for use with low-power LED luminaires.

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