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How to Choose LED Panel Lights?

July 12, 2023

Benefits of LED Panel Lights

Large illumination panels used in LED panel lights create light that is distributed and diffused uniformly. The room's illumination will appear even. Furthermore, there is reduced glare due to the evenly distributed light. LED panels consume substantially less energy per light produced, which increases their energy efficiency.


The very long lifespan of LED panel lights is another benefit. In normal use, many LEDs on the market can easily last 30,000 hours, or more than ten years. The compact appearance and feel of LED panels is one of their most favoured characteristics. They are a fantastic option for individuals who want to arrange their lights in a minimalist, modern style.


Types of LED panel lights

Rectangular / Square Panels

The majority of LED panels have square or rectangular proportions. These measurements range from 300x300 to 600x600 to 600x1200 to 300x1200. Based on the size of the fluorescent installation you're replacing and/or your current ceiling grid, you can select one of these sizes.


Round Panels

In suspended lighting arrangements, round LED panel lights are frequently installed. Its low-profile installation and beautiful, strong light make it a popular option for panel lighting. Based on your needs, these LED panels are available in a range of diameters.


Edge-lit Panels

The light source is positioned all around the panel in edge-lit panels. On the side of the panel, light is let in and beams out from the panel's surface. The most common kind of LED panel light is edge-lit panels, which are made for drop-in ceiling panels.


Back-lit Panels

The LED light sources on the back of the panel are used in backlit panel lighting. These panels are suitable for lighting installations using deeper troffer types. Light from the front will be projected across the light panel using backlit panels.


RGBW Colour Changing LED Panels

LED panels can be used for imaginative lighting options that can be adjusted with a remote control in addition to general lighting. The panels themselves can become the centre of attention when placed on a wall or ceiling to vary the lighting.

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