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Have you decided to buy LED solar street lights?

October 20, 2023

In recent years, the market share of LED solar street lights has steadily increased, and it is now widely used in roads, parks, residential areas and other places. Some people I know complain about how cheap or poorly made their solar street lights are. Even some people may think that the use of photovoltaic led street lights is not so simple. The photovoltaic street lamp market competition is very fierce, resulting in uneven quality of street lamps. It is possible that some acquaintances bought inferior goods. However, the prevalence of LED photovoltaic headlights shows that they still have many advantages. Many people are not sure whether to buy photovoltaic led street lights because they do not fully understand the technology.


LED solar street lights can provide lighting in cloudy and humid weather for more than 15 consecutive days. It consists of a light source, a solar panel, a smart processor, a battery, and additional tools. Polycrystalline or monocrystalline silicon cells are commonly used in solar panels. LED light source has the longest life, the least light decay, does not produce smoke, and is the most economical of various light sources. The intelligent controller has the functions of overcharge and overdischarge protection, time control, light control and so on. The main function of the battery is to store the electricity generated by the solar panels and power the street lights at night. LED street lights are the only products comparable to LED solar street lights. LED solar street lights have many advantages compared to traditional street lights.


Photovoltaic LED public lighting is on average more expensive than traditional LED public lighting. However, LED photovoltaic street lights are more efficient, and a one-time investment can bring long-term savings. Sunlight provides electricity for LED solar street lights. Guided by the processor, the solar cells collect sunlight during the day, convert it into electricity, and then store it in the battery. Since no energy costs are incurred during subsequent use, government agencies can save significant amounts of money.


Off-grid solar led street lights have an independent power supply and can be used as needed. If the LED street lights cannot provide lighting during the power outage, our lives will be greatly disturbed. There is no need to worry about power outages because solar led street lights use only solar energy. Under normal circumstances, even if there is no sunlight during the day, it can be continuously illuminated for seven consecutive days of cloudy and humid days. If you need to withstand lighting on long, wet days, consult a reputable street lamp manufacturer to optimize the design of LED solar street lights.


Safety and reliability Large street lights may pose safety risks for a variety of reasons, including poor construction, material deterioration and abnormal power supply. LED solar street lights do not use alternating current, but use solar cells to convert low-voltage direct current (DC) into light energy. LED solar street lights do not pose a safety risk, because LED solar street lights are stable, safe, do not require wires or connections, and are very easy to place and construct. There will be no unforeseen failure during use.

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