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Failure And Maintenance Of Solar Street Lamps

August 29, 2023

Solar street lights are widely used in both urban and rural applications. The entire set consists of solar panels, a light source, a battery, a controller, a light pole, and a sheath line. Solar street lamps use the sun's energy to power themselves; during the day, solar panels charge a battery; at night, the battery serves as the source of power for the lamp; this eliminates the need for complicated and expensive pipeline laying and allows for the lamp's layout to be adjusted arbitrarily. Solar street lamps are also safe and pollution-free, require no manual operation, and are low-maintenance and energy-efficient. When solar street lighting is used outside, several unexpected failures will occur. What are some of the most common flaws with solar street lights?


1. The total brightness of the solar street lamp is low


Because solar street lights are used for outdoor lighting, they frequently encounter hot, rainy, cold, and other weather extremes. Water can easily short-circuit the solar street lighting controller because it is frequently positioned on a light pole. Then, check the controller's terminals for any problems. Check for voltage and current output if the controller is destroyed while the panel is running normally. If there is no output, the panel must be replaced.



2. The solar street light source is not completely illuminated

To begin, determine whether the LED light source is of poor quality and whether the lamp beads have been correctly welded. If there is a problem, please replace it. If there is no problem, there may not be enough sunlight at the installation site or the general layout of the lights may be inappropriate.


3. Limited illumination time

If the rain only lasts a few moments. This is usually caused by the battery's diminished storage capacity and the storage tank's lack of power. Remove the battery.


4. The lamp's head is blinking

Poor line contact, loss of battery power, and a large drop in storage capacity are all possible causes. If they are normal, the battery must be replaced because it is damaged.


In general, solar street lights not only have a longer lifespan than traditional street lights, but they also require less maintenance. Extremely energy-efficient, convenient, and with a low failure rate. The purpose of unified and modular replacement is to reduce maintenance expenses. Streamline the testing procedure so that maintenance personnel with basic technical abilities can perform it more easily. Under the notion of quick repair of broken street lighting, the original solar street lamp's operating components are preserved in order to save maintenance costs and prevent waste.



Solar street light maintenance on a daily basis:

1. Assign personnel to inspect damage in the event of high winds, heavy rain, rainstorms, hail, heavy snow, and so on. Drones can be deployed at considerable heights to inspect solar panels and other issues.


2. Inspect the light pole base on a regular basis for exposure and displacement, as well as whether the solar panel is changing. Examine the light pole to see if it is damaged or if there is water in the lamp base.


3. Use a UAV to inspect the solar cell surface for dirt, which reduces energy output. It should be cleaned.

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