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Best Lighting Sources for Chickens

July 11, 2023

Lighting is essential to the health and vitality of your chickens, whether you keep them in a tiny coop in the city or a huge barn. Owners may suffer financial or production losses as a result of insufficient lighting during the brooding season or excessive lighting during the growth season. For chickens, it's crucial to regulate the temperature, lumens, and colour temperature. As a result, without adequate lighting, chickens could lay fewer eggs or fail to acquire weight as expected. Light is perceived differently by poultry than by humans. Due to their extreme sensitivity to UV radiation, poultry, for example, perceive red light where we see a yellowish or white brightness from a lamp. Intriguingly, the larger wavelength of this red light penetrates the hens' skin and skull, causing them to lay eggs.


Given that chickens dislike the dark, it is crucial to maintain poultry houses illuminated at the appropriate times for each stage of the life cycle. When designing the appropriate lighting for your poultry, HID lamps like metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium lamps (HPS) are solid choices. These lamps can be dimmed, however in order to do so, specialised electronic or magnetic dimming ballasts must be used. Ballasts are necessary for the operation of all HID bulbs, dimmable or not. Although these lamps are strong, they also have certain disadvantages. As an illustration, they must cool off before being turned back on, a procedure known as restriking. In contrast to incandescent bulbs, HID lamps require more time to warm up. This type of lamp's warm-up time might range from 2 to 10 minutes. Additionally, HID lamps can be producing too much high intensity light if your grill house doesn't have exceptionally high ceilings. Furthermore, high-pressure sodium lamps become more yellow when dimmed, while metal halide lamps transform to a more blue-green hue. The annoyance that colour change and restriking can produce in the fowl can have an impact on how they feel and how productive they are.

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